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15th (2013)

Overview Award & Jury Program Photo Gallery

Festival Date 2013. 5. 24 ~ 5. 30
Films Screened 110 works from 28 countries
Festival Venues Megabox Sinchon 3, 4, 5, 6
Official Attended Guests 34 people from 12 countries
Total Audiences 50,000
Opening Film Ginger & Rosa (Sally POTTER/UK)
Closing Films Chunjung (LEE Mi-rang/Korea)
Beast Is My Middle Name (KIM Bo-ra/Korea)
She Is My Best Friend (Jirassaya WONGSUTIN/Thailand)
The Confession (KIM Bo-mi/Korea)
Events & Forums 5.24 Opening Ceremony (Megabox Sinchon M)

5.25 International Symposium / Drawing a New Map of Women Film Festival: Industry, Policy, and Networking (# 101, Small Assembly Hall, Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building, Ehwa Womans University)

5.25 Talk in Theater 3 : Technology and Gender-Virtual Present, Actual Future (Megabox Sinchon 4)

5.25 Open Market (Plaza in front of Megabox sinchon Theater)

5.25 Rainbow Night (Café Kuchu-camp)

5.26 Open Market (Plaza in front of Megabox sinchon Theater)

5.26 Talk in Theater 2: Queer Rainbow / Re-Imageining Gender-Legal System, Medical Discourse, and Trans/Gender (Megabox Sinchon 4)

5.26 Talk in Theater 1: Asian Spectrum / The Coming Age in Asian Women Filmmaking in-between the Global and the Local (Megabox Sinchon 6)

5.27 Round Table / Invisible: The Constellation of the Violence against Women (Film Forum 2)

5.28 Workshop: Documentary Making in Yangon and in Seoul (Film Forum 2)

5.28 A Night of Asian Women in Film (Oktoberfest (in Sinchon area))

5.30 Closing Ceremony (Megabox Sinchon 3)