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4th (2002)

Overview Award & Jury Program Photo Gallery

Festival Date 2002. 4. 4 ∼ 4. 12
Films Screened 80 works from 19 countries
Festival Venues Dongsoong Hall and Hypertheque NADA
Official Attended Guests 15 people from 9 countries
Total Audiences 32,000 (paid audiences: 23,335)
Opening Film Violet Perfume: Nobody Hears You (Maryse Sistach/Maxico)
Closing Films Family Project: House of a Father (JO Yun-kyoung/Korea)
Too Happy to Die (CHOI Jin-young/Korea)
Bait (KIM Kyoung-hee/Korea)
The Moonchild (KIM Kyung-hwa/Korea)
Events & Forums 4. 4. Opening Ceremony (Dongsoong Hall at Dongsoong Art Center)

4. 8. WFFIS International Forum 2002 (Sungkyunkwan University, 600th Anniversary Memorial Hall, Conference Room (6Fl.))

4. 8. Asian Women in Film Night (Place Crazy, Dongsoong-dong)

4. 9. Cine Concert (Place Sungkyunkwan University, 600th Anniversary Memorial Hall)

4. 11. Our Night (Place Crazy, Dongsoong-dong)

4. 12. Closing Ceremony (Dongsoong Hall at Dongsoong Art Center)