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  • Opening/Closing Ceremony

  • A Night for Women in Film Industry

  • Pitch & Catch Project

  • Forum

  • Lecture and Talk

  • Policy Talk

  • Masterclass - Agnieszka HOLLAND

  • Bloodless + VR Forum

  • Special Talk

  • Star Talk

  • Director vs. Director: My Cinema, Your Cinema

  • Forum of National Network of Women's Film Festivals

  • I-TEENS Training Ground

  • Market F

  • Occupy the Agora

  • SIWFF-Audience Lounge

  • Souvenirs

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Market F

We open an off-line giant market place named SIWFF Market F for 5 days. Any products and every product on feminism issues will be gathered in this market place. Everyone including audiences and citizens can participate and take a look at whatever products they find interesting. Event booths and promotion booths also will be set up.

Date June 2(Fri) ~ 6(Tue) 11:00 ~ 22:00
Venue Square in front of Megabox Sinchon