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Technofeminism: Women, Science & SF

Science and technology is one of the areas where gender inequality is still very prevalent and the influence of feminism has not been quite reached yet. It is about time to bring feminist visions and values into science and technology especially when the rapid scientific and technological advancement indiscriminately affects our body, daily routine and job, and eventually revolutionizes our lives. The 'Technofeminism: Women, Science & SF' Forum provides participants with the opportunity to reexamine and discuss issues such as the philosophy of science, reproduction technology, SF imagination and workforce issues in the field of science and technology. Featuring in-depth and analytical presentations of experts in the field, as well as a roundtable discussion of female SF authors, this forum will be an exciting platform where intense discussions about scientific technology and futuristic imagination are mixed together.

Date June 5 (MON) 12:00
Venue Centennial Hall, Yonsei University College of Liberal Arts (Widang Hall 6th fl.)
Co-hosted by SIWFF Film & Media Lab BORA, Center for Korean Visual Culture, Yonsei University (KOVIC)
Sponsors Center for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (WISET), Korea Yonsei University Institute of Gender Studies, Yonsei University-Industry Foundation

Keynote Speaker HAN Wha-Jin (President of the Center for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (WISET), Korea)

Session 1 Presentation | Technofeminism: Women and Science

Moderator PARK Hyun-seon (Center for Korean Visual Culture, Yonsei University)
Presenters Hwang Heesun (Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies, Seoul National University)
SHIN Hyerin (Vanderbilt University)
Tari NA Youngjung (Women with Disabilities Empathy)
LEE Jin-joo (Girls Robot)

Session 2 Round Table | The Female SF Author Show

Moderator Jay SOHN (Institute of Gender Studies, Yonsei University)
Panel KIM Da-hye (McGill University)
KIM Bo-young (author of An Evolutionary Myth)
LEE Soo-hyun (Translator of Kindred and The Screwfly Solution and Co-author of Next Door Superhero)