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Pitch & Catch Project

'Pitch & Catch', an open pitching program 'Pitch & Catch' designed to find and foster talented female filmmakers, has two sections - 'feature Film' and 'documentary film'. To apply for the feature film section, the projects with at least one woman participating in as a producer, screenwriter or director are eligible, while as for the documentary section, only a project with a female director, whether she is new or experienced, is eligible. Pitch & Catch, turning 8 this year, has discovered new and diverse contents and given female filmmakers, producers and screenwriters practical support in entering the film industry and producing films. Over the past seven years, feature films Bluebeard, Chinatown, The Cat Funeral, An Ethics Lesson Grape Candy, Miss Conspirator, and Two Wedding and a Funeral as well as documentaries Holy Working Day, The Knitting Club, Welcome to Playhouse, Glittering Hands, My Father's Emails, The Empire of Shame, Nora Noh, 2 Lines have been released in theaters, which proves SIWFF 'Pitch & Catch' is an unparalleled successful example among open pitching programs. For Vagina's Sake by KIM Bo-ram, the winner of last year's Ock Rang Award has recently finished filming and will be premiered at the 19th SEOUL International Women's Film Festival which opens the 1st of June. This year's submission period was 21 days, from March 30 to April 19. 10 projects, 5 feature films and 5 documentaries, have moved up to the finals after the preliminary evaluation which consisted of the application review process and the interview and will take part in 'Pitch & Catch Lab' throughout May while given training and advice on how to develop and pitch their works. Moreover, the finalists will compete at the open pitching event on June 2 during the festival and get opportunities to meet film industry professionals on the same day.

Date Time Program Venue
June 2 (Fri) 13:00~14:30 Feature Film Pitching Megabox Sinchon COMFORT 4
15:30~17:00 Documentary Pitching
15:00~20:00 Business Meeting TBA
June 7 (Wed) 19:00 Award Ceremony Megabox Sinchon 2