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Special Talk

Special Talk 1 Seoul + Young + Feminists

This event will consist of a screening of seven short films made as part of the 'Seoul Women's Walk: Filmmaking Project' and a discussion led by young female directors who took part in the project. Panels will review the films, produced with the clear purpose of raising public awareness of women's issues, and then discuss the issues of today's young female adults, solutions to these problems, as well as the potential of these and similar film projects.

Date June 3 (SAT) 10:00
Venue Megabox Sinchon 5
Panel SUNG Im-eun (Co-director, Church Sisters)
LEE Young-rim (Director, Didn't Know It Was Broken)
LEE Yoon-young (Director, Fight like a Girl)
JUNG Seo-in (Director, Body, My Buddy)
LEE Pu-run (Director, Dancing Bra)
CHUN Ye-min (Director, The Ventilation)
CHOI Seo-yoon (Director, CINE 101)
SHIN Ji-min (Mentoring director)
Cooperation Seoul Foundation of Women & Family

Special Talk 2 Women, Game and Gamer

Despite the significantly growing number of women working in the game industry, it is still difficult for women to break into the game industry due to continued misogynistic attacks from gamers and creators who anachronistically consider the high-tech entertainment including game as the preserve of men. This special talk will discuss the ways to change this male-centric gaming culture as well as the relationship between women and high-tech entertainment.

Date June 3 (SAT) 15:00
Venue Megabox Sinchon 2
Panel YOH Myeongsook (Chairman of Game Rating and Administration Committee)
KIM Jee-young (President of National D.Va Association)
LEE Ji-eun (Operator of the @just_gamer_OW twitter account)

Special Talk 3 Lesbians in China, We Are Here

The 1995 Beijing Women's Conference was a turning point for the lesbians who were scattered around China to know of each other's existence and create their own group and network. It is no exaggeration to say that this conference was the starting point of the modern Chinese lesbian activism and movement. Since then, the lesbians in China have been shaping their own cultures by fostering a community and orchestrating LGBTQ human rights organization. We now invite SHI Tou and feminist activist Na Young here to listen to their firsthand experience and stories of the life and history behind the modern Chinese lesbians.

Date June 3 (SAT) 17:30
Venue Megabox Sinchon COMFORT 4
Panel SHI Tou(Co-director of We Are Here)
Na Young (Chief Commissioner of Network for Glocal Activism)

Special Talk 4 Feminists in the Candlelight

After the screening of Candle Wave Feminists, a documentary about the Candlelight Revolution that ultimately led to the prosecution and impeachment of the former president PARK Geun-hye, feminists who appeared in the film as interview participants will share with the audience the meaning, significance and their experience of the Candlelight Revolution. 'Gangnam Station Exit 10', 'Femi Dangdang' and other women's rights groups will come together and discuss the current state of liberalism and feminism.

Date June 6 (TUE) 12:30
Venue Megabox Sinchon 7
Moderator Jay SOHN (Institute of Gender Studies, Yonsei University)
Panel KANGYU Ga-ram (Director of Candle Wave Feminists)
Na Young (Network for Glocal Activism) Vera (We Are Our Brave)
Vera (We Are Our Brave)
SIM Mi-seup (Femi Dangdang)
WOO Jiann (Femi Dangdang)
WON Jung-ha (Parkhayeohaeng)
LEE Ga- hyun (Fire Femi Action)
LEE Ji-won (Gangnam Station Exit 10)