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The 19th SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival


June 1 (Thur) - June 7 (Wed), 2017


Megabox Sinchon COMFORT 1, 2, COMFORT 4, 5, 7


107 films from 37 countries


See the World through Women’s Eyes!

Festival Personality

  • Established its reputation as one of the world’s best and renowned women’s film festival
  • Promotes the development of the world’s female film and moving image industry, and expands the international female cineaste network
  • A forefront in discovering and funding international female cineastes in Asia
  • Fully supports the diversification of films through the medium of women’s films
  • Provides opportunities for Korean female filmmakers and their films to enter the global market

Special Features

  • Create a women’s film network and encourage communication and exchange among female filmmakers through the International Women’s Film Festival Network (IWFFN), Network of Asian women’s Film Festival (NAWFF), and National Network of Women’s Film Festivals
  • Stimulate the growth of women’s films in the rapidly changing film industry by actively seeking out, promoting, supporting, funding “women”-centered film and moving image contents
  • Pioneer and lead the current film industry by striving for a more gender equal industry through the discovery and funding of the production of international female cineastes’ films
  • Expand the size of the digital archive of women’s films to work towards the diversity, publicity, and popularity of women’s films
  • Spread and encourage the value behind gender equality through the medium of the film and foster a new, progressive culture that revolves around women and community
  • Full-scale support of teenager filmmakers to nurture and grow future generation’s cineastes


SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival


Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, South Korea / Seoul Metropolitan Government / Korean Film Council / Goethe-Institut Korea / British Council Korea / German Films / Istituto Di Cultura – Seoul / Yonsei University Institute of Gender Studies / Yonsei University University Industry Foundation / Megabox / Ock Rang Cultural Foundation / Incheon International Airport Corporation / Korea Broadcasting Art School / Lovey Dovey / DHL / Korea Center for Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology / i-SENS / ChungOne Co., LTD. / Hanyang Women’s University / Korea National University of Arts / Dankook University Graduate School of Cinematic Content / BK21 PLUS / Tom N Toms / Postfin / Jongga / Chungjungone / Staedtler / HiteJinro / Clio / Pulmuone Water / Kooksoondang / Loacker – Delifarm / Henkell (Wine) / wettrust / Peripera / READY-Q / Perrier / Snapple / UCC Coffee / FIKA / Hyunsil Book / Coffee Libre / Leina Coffee / Ryan’s Coffee Roasters / MAKER CARD / ACCESS ICT / CJ OliveNetworks Co., Ltd. / Casa ville / Korean Barrier Free Film Committee / Café Direct / Saram Entertainment / KING Entertainment

Special Features of the 19th SEOUL International Women's Film Festival

The Past, Present, and Future of Women's Films

Since 1997, SIWFF has tried to live up to its slogan, "See the World through Women's Eyes," by focusing on the transformation and progress made by women's films, and the panoramic view of the world through these women's films. This year, the theme of the 19th SIWFF is "The Past, Present, and Future of Women's Films". SIWFF will be divided into three screening sections – ‘Feminist Film Classics,' ‘New Currents,' and ‘Polemics: Technofeminism - Women, Science & SF' – to oversee the past, present, and future of women's film. ‘Feminist Film Classics,' the catchphrase for the ‘Past,' will expand the concept of retrospective exhibition – usually restricted to a single director or region – to allow the audience to view women's films of the 1960 to 1980s with a single glance. This section will survey the times when Europe's Protest 1968 and the 2nd Feminism Movement overtook the Western and the entire world through the eyes of the women's film and cinema. On the other hand, ‘New Currents' will be the catchphrase that represents the "Present." Director Agnieszka HOLLAND, well known by her Korean audience for the film Total Eclipse, will be making an appearance at the film festival with the opening film Spoor. The program will be featuring films such as The Party, the newest work by Orlando director Sally POTTER, Their Finest by director Lone SCHERFIG, famous for her film An Education, and American independent film legend director Kelly REICHARDT's Certain Women to show that these experienced directors still maintain their cinematic reign, while also presenting a refreshing showcase of a diverse spectrum of films coming from a total of 37 countries. "Future" is a keyword that ties the ‘Polemics: Technofeminism - Women, Science & SF' section together, taking ‘Technofeminism' as its topic. The ‘Polemics: Technofeminism - Women, Science & SF' section has a fabulous lineup of films, about Donna HARAWAY, who shook the world with her essay A Cyborg Manifesto (1985), female astronauts, girls who devoted themselves to the modern IT industry, women and the video game industry, female scientists such as Marie CURIE and the world's first computer programmer.

Making Films Even More Special: From Technofeminism to Rewriting Cinema History

The 19th SIWFF will once again be offering a number of exciting events, in addition to its regular program. The program events will also be divided into three keywords, Past, Present, and Future. Firstly, the SIWFF will be hosting a ‘Polemics: Technofeminism – Women, Science & SF’ Forum, as well as be screening a series of films that are at the intersection of science, SF, and women which are themes that have not yet covered by any film festival in Korea. The forum will be a great opportunity to examine the rapidly changing present and future of Science and technology from a women’s point of view, and at the same time shed new light on female scientists in history through Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival and Conceiving Ada. SIWFF also invites the audience to a VR forum, discussions regarding women’s future in science and technology such as imaging technology will take place after the screening of VR (Virtual Reality) film Bloodless, as well as a Special Talk ‘GIRLS DO NOT NEED A PRINCE – Women in Games,’ where films about computer and video games (e.g., CodeGirl and GTFO: Get the F&#% Out) will be screened and there will be conversations about the women who have stepped into the realm of digital technology. While these conversations about futuristic technology and women’s potential impact are taking place, SIWFF will also be hosting a special lecture, “Something Different: How Feminist Filmmakers Changed Cinema – And the World“ led by the British critic Sophie MAYER who will be retracing the feminist films that rewrote the world’s cinematic history in 1960-1980. Along with Sophie MAYER’s lecture, a Master Class talk by Agnieszka HOLLAND, director of the opening film Spoor, will also be presenting a brand new perspective on the well-established history of cinema by sharing her stories as an experienced director. Last but not least, to represent the “Present,” SIWFF offers three discussion sessions: “Gender Equality within the Film Industry – How will it be accomplished,” which will be a discussion about policies concerning the current situation of female workers in the film industry; “Feminists in the Candlelight Revolution,” which will cover the significance behind the Candlelight Revolution, which began last year and ultimately led to the impeachment of the president; “Lesbians in China – We Are Here” for the ‘Queer Rainbow’ Section. The three keywords – “future” seen through the lens of science, “past” through a retrospection of cinematic history, and “present” by reflecting on the now of Korea and East Asia – together with these films, will make the SIWFF ever more diverse, colorful, and special.

Encounter between the Future and Past of Women’s Films

Recognized for discovering and nurturing future women filmmakers, SIWFF hosts a total of three competitions: “Asian Short Film & Video Competition,” which develops talented Asian female directors, “I-TEENS,” which looks for Korean teenager filmmakers with potential, and “Pitch & Catch,” an open pitching program designed to discover and foster talented female filmmakers. “Pitch & Catch” is divided into two sections – feature film and documentary – two awards – Megabox Award and Ock Rang Award, and are each supported by Megabox and the Ock Rang Cultural Foundation. The pitch program has been at the forefront of supporting and awarding outstanding female directors, which led to the production and success of many impressive works such as feature films Bluebeard, Chinatown, The Cat Funeral, An Ethics Lesson, Grape Candy, Two Wedding and a Funeral, Miss Conspirator, and documentaries such as Holy Working Day, The Knitting Club, Welcome to Playhouse, Glittering Hands, My Father’s Emails, The Empire of Shame, Nora Noh, and 2 Lines. The winning recipient of the Ock Rang Award, the documentary For Vagina’s Sake will showcase its world premiere this year. With the cash prize for the feature film section Megabox Award increasing from 13 million KRW to 20 million, the SIWFF is looking forward to even more ambitious female filmmakers to take up the challenge. SIWFF is not only a festival that fosters and nurtures future female filmmakers, but is also one that celebrates and remembers female filmmakers in history. This past April, both SIWFF and the Korean film industry grieved the loss of two invaluable and important female directors: the first Korean female director, PARK Nam-ok, whose film The Widow was the opening film of the very first SIWFF, and director KIM Sun-min, recipient of the First Prize of the Asian Short Film & Video Competition for the film Garivegas. In memory of these two beloved directors, 19th SIWFF will be screening their films this year.

A Film Festival Made Possible by Both Audience and Filmdom

With the appointment of actress HAN Ye-ri as the 2nd Feminista SIWFF Ambassador, the SIWFF will recreate the film festival as a place for individuals in the film industry to come and mingle together to celebrate female cineastes. HAN Ye-ri will be following the footsteps of 1st Feminista KIM A-joong, by participating in SIWFF as the Festival Opening Emcee and jury for the Asian Short Film & Video Competition and in doing so connecting with the audience, just like her predecessor. Out of the exciting events lined up for this 19th SIWFF, ‘Occupy Agora’ is definitely one that deserves a lot of attention. An outdoor event, the ‘Occupy Agora’ will attempt to reenact and reproduce the heated social media discussions on feminism in the setting of an outdoor plaza, and will be a podium for everyone to share their stories and lives as a woman. Both the audience and female opinion leaders will be invited to stand on the podium to empathize and share a connection with each other. Finally, the “Feminism Bookfair & Goods” corner will be displaying feminism books and goods that have recently been receiving a lot of attention on social media. These books and products, which have been going around mainly online, will be now on full display in the scenes of SIWFF, and will allow the audience to take a at a glance at the current trend of the feminist movement.