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Official Poster

The official poster of the 19th Seoul International Women’s Film Festival is a work of YANG Hae-gue, a world-renowned installation artist, which materializes a futuristic vision for women and women’s cinema through multi-sensory images crossing over the borders of ambiguity and specificity. Over the apparent images, we see the image of a film which forms an image overlapping multiple layers of light, and this image of film is set in harmonious relationship with the concept of cinema expressed through films, and long-time-overlapped numerous women and women’s films, which leads to the theme of this year’s film festival, ‘Past, Present, and Future of Women.’ This image created by Yang gets into the completion with the touch of SEO Hee-sun, a graphic designer of Studio Hik. SEO’s rather bold, original, and innovative designs using typography, which secured a unique area and drew wider appreciation, completes the poster with mysterious aura with intense contrast. SEO, again, successfully visualize the identity and vision of Seoul International Women's Film Festival with her characteristically daring design using typography in a bold and innovative manner.

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YANG Hae-gue
The renown of YANG Hae-gue, one of the hottest installation artist in the world art scene exceeds Korea. A boom over YANG Hae-gue in Korea resulted from the 2 times installation at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in 2006 and 2010 respectively after 5 years’ effort of Leeum. Major exhibition includes Shooting the Elephant 象 Thinking the Elephant at Leeum, in 2015, Family of Equivocations at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg, Paris, 2013, Condensation at the Korean pavilion of Venice Biennale, in 2009, Lingering Nous at Pompidou Center, Paris in 2016, etc. Yang was awarded for Chevalier of Légion d'Honneur in 2009, and for Kim Sejoong Young Sculptors Award in 2010, the most prestigious award for sculptors in Korea.
SEO Hee-seon
SEO Hee-sun is one of the most noted budding designers whose original and innovative designs using typography became her signature style. After graduating from the Department of Visual Communication Design at Kookmin University, SEO earned her MA in the Department of Graphic Design at Yale University with the Fulbright Scholarship. She worked at Studio Manuel Raeder in Berlin until recently, and now runs her own studio named Studio Hik in Seoul, Korea.


There has been only 3 films a year whose leading characters are female for the last decade among films with (or over) 1 million audiences. Last year, SIWFF focused on the insufficiency of female directors in Korean film industry. The official trailer of the 19th SIWFF focuses on the destitution of female characters in films. The official trailer which filmmaker BAEK Mi-young directed is an animation powerfully expressing the message ‘Occupy Screens, Women’ in a tender but intense tone.

Director BAEK Mi-Young
BAEK Mi-young began her directorial carrier with the short animation Emotion-L'Aigu in 2007. Her short animation You Were So Precious was awarded Kokdu Cultural Award in the SIWFF Short Animation Pitch & Catch program in the 2012 14th SIWFF, and Chorogisang, the Special Prize for Debut Film in the 2013 Indie-Anifest. Her other works includes short animations, Ba-lam in 2015, Lunar Calendar and Dancing in the Rain in 2016. Her latest work OU EST-LA LUNE? is in the final stage of production.

I have doubts that the presence of female characters in popular memories are so weak as finely shredded slices. I made this trailer in putting those slices back together to let us be reminded of their fabulous presence. In the course of making this trailer, I came to realize that there are so much more female characters that we thought to be. I hope that much more female characters in various films would have more chances to shine on screen than today.


The SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival changes the official logo that has been used since 1997 when the festival was established. The reason for this is that it would be called SIWFF instead of the existing abbreviation IWFFIS as it has been officially renamed as “SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival” in English this year, placing 'SEOUL' at the head of the festival name.Adhering to the idea for the figuration of the character 'W' in the existing logo, which stands for the first initial in WOMEN, the wave of the Han River as the symbol of Seoul, and the female breasts, the new logo takes the new abbreviation ‘SIWFF’ as its main motive and modifies it in a more modern and simple way to foreground its new identity.

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