Press Service

Offering an access to press materials, film stills, and festival photos via SIWFF Webhard.

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Press Badge

Press Badge holders can be admitted to maximum 4 screenings per day after issuing the tickets in advance.
(No admission granted to the opening/closing screenings, masterclass, VR forum)

Guest Interview

Period June 1 (THU) ~ June 7 (WED)
How to Request Please send an interview request to at least 2 days prior to the interview date you are proposing.
Please specify the guest name and the interview schedule in the request.

Press Center

Location 1F, Migliore Sinchon
Opening Hours June 1 (THU) ~ June 6 (TUE) 10:00-20:00 | June 7 (WED) 10:00-13:00
Printed press materials, event and screening schedule are available. And change to daily events will be posted and updated continuously. A free access to desktop and Wi-Fi is given to the press badge holders for writing and sending the news.

Video Room

Location 1F, Migliore Sinchon
Opening Hours June 1 (THU) ~ June 7 (WED) 10:00-20:00
For the Press Badge and Daily Badge holders only. It is required to make a reservation on-site. Your seat will be reserved only until 15 minutes after the reserved time. It is not allowed to take the screeners outside the video room, and you can stay up to 4 hours per visit