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Changes on 19th SIWFF Ticket Catalogue (ver. 30th May)

  • DATE 2017.05.30
  • HIT 1,501

Changes on 19th SIWFF Ticket Catalogue (ver. 31st May)

19th SIWFF Ticket Catalogue was published on 15th May.
Some information on the 19th SIWFF Ticket Catalogue has been changed. 

To avoid confusion when making your ticket reservation, please have a look at the following changes and double-check each screening on the catalogue. 
Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. SIWFF will do our best to notify any further changes as soon as possible. 

Screening Schedule
[049] Marie Curie - The Courage of Knowledge 20:30-22:05→ 20:30-22:10
[110] Marie Curie - The Courage of Knowledge 13:30-15:05→ 13:30-15:10

[042] Brief Encounters 12:30-13:50 → 12:30-13:55
[090] Brief Encounters 10:30-11:50 → 10:30-11:55

Film Information

Running Time of Bloodless: 7min → 12min
Production Country of Bloodless: Korea → Korea, USA

(P. 49)
Running Time of Marie Curie - The Courage of Knowledge: 95min → 100min

(P. 51)
Running Time of Brief Encounters: 91min → 96min

(P. 68)
Title English of Subconscious and SphereSubconscious and Area

(P. 70)
Running Time of For Vagina’s Sake: 90min → 73min

Cancelled Q&ASessions (GV) 

(P. 9, 10, 37)
[003] 6/2 12:00-13:57 Lipstick under My Burkha (Megabox Sinchon 2)
[038] 6/3 14:20-16:17 Lipstick under My Burkha (Megabox Sinchon 7)
* The Q&Asessions (Guest Visit) above are cancelled since the directors are unable toattend the screenings due to personal reasons.

Event Information

(P. 28)
Venue of Pitch&Catch Business Meeting
15:00-20:00 SinchonMigliore 2F, Business Meeting Zone (The same building of Megabox Sinchon)

(P. 29)
Time of SIWFF Talk Busking
15:00-17:00 →16:00-18:00
We appreciate yourunderstanding.