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Duck Town

Director YOO Ji-young
Country Korea Year 2016
Format DCP Running Time 88'
Genre Fiction Color color
Rating 전체관람가


Code Theater Date & Time Info Rating / Subtitle
021 Megabox Sinchon 2 2017-06-03 10:00 전체관람가 한국어대사+영어자막
112 Megabox Sinchon 7 2017-06-07 19:30 전체관람가 한국어대사+영어자막


Oh Hee-jungwas born and raised in the city of Daegu. With hopes of transferring to auniversity in Seoul, Hee-jung studies hard while dreaming of escaping her hometown. She works at a paddleboat rental ticketing office to save up for her tuition. One day while she dozes off on the job, unexpected accidents happen where she unintentionally watches on. When she returns to the site of the accident that night to drop a life jacket into the water, CHA Young-mok catches her red-handed. Once Young-mok gets involved in Hee-jung’s life, things start to get messy.


YOO Ji-young

Born in Daegu in 1984, graduated from Hongyik University in 2010 as a Film, Video, and Moving Image major, and then went on to graduate from Korean Academy of Film Arts as a 30th filmmaking, production major cohort in 2014.


Director 유지영 YOO Ji-young
Producer 최태규 CHOI Tae-kyu
Cast 이세영 LEE Se-young, 김현준 KIM Hyunjun, 남태부 NAM Tae-boo
Screenwriter 유지영 YOO Ji-young
Cinematography 이재우 LEE Jae-woo
Production Designer 박미령 PARK Mi-reong
Sound 믹스캠프 Mixcamp
Editor 유지영 YOO Ji-young
Music 구자완 KOO Ja-wan


Korean Academy of Film Arts / 82 231412370 / rahana427@kofic.or.kr / www.kofic.or.kr