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Family in the Bubble

Director MA Min-ji
Country Korea Year 2017
Format DCP Running Time 78'
Genre Documentary Color color/b&w
Rating 전체관람가


Code Theater Date & Time Info Rating / Subtitle
050 Megabox Sinchon 5 2017-06-04 10:30 전체관람가 한국어대사+영어자막
082 Megabox Sinchon 2 2017-06-06 14:30 전체관람가 한국어대사+영어자막


My parents were real estate dealers in the 80s, Seoul. Thanks to the property market boom, they were able to realize the “middle class dream”. But after the Asian financial crisis, everything vanished into thin air and my family lost everything. I grew distant from my parents since adolescence and always wanted to run away from them.One day, my parents are told by the landlord to move out because our apartment will soon be reconstructed. However, they are far from being worried about finding a new place to live; they are still waiting for a “jackpot” in real estate. As I started to look at my family history, I realized that the scars of my life and my family’s own economic rise and decline are related to a huge bubble of speculation and urban development.


MA Min-ji

Director MA Min-ji graduated in Film directing from Korea National University of Arts and following master’s course in Documentary filmmaking. Her theme is “Space and Place in City”, especially how capital works and makes changes in the city.


Director 마민지 MA Min-ji
Producer 박영수 PARK Young-soo, 리사 윤트넨 Liisa JUNTUNEN, 문성경 MOON Sung
Cast 노해숙 RHO Hae-sook, 마풍락 MA Poong-lak, 마민지 MA Min-ji
Cinematography 오건영 OH Gun-young, 윤평화 YOON Pyeong-hwa, 최지훈 CHOI Ji-hoon
Sound 표용수 PYO Young-soo
Editor 니나 이야스 Nina IJAS
Music 이민휘 LEE Min-hwee


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