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Mama Colonel

Director Dieudo HAMADI
Country France, Democratic Republic of the Congo Year 2017
Format DCP Running Time 72'
Genre Documentary Color color
Rating 전체관람가


Code Theater Date & Time Info Rating / Subtitle
036 Megabox Sinchon 7 2017-06-03 10:30 전체관람가 비영어대사+영어자막
069 Megabox Sinchon COMFORT 4 2017-06-05 20:00 전체관람가 비영어대사+영어자막


Asian Premiere

Colonel HONORINE, more commonly known as "Mama Colonel", works for the Congolesepolice force and heads the unit for the protection of minors and the fight against sexualviolence. Having worked for 15 years in Bukavu, in the east of theDemocratic Republicof the Congo, she learns she is transferred to Kisangani. There, she finds herself facedwith new challenges.Through the portrait of this extraordinarily brave and tenacious woman, who fights forjustice to be done, this film addresses the issue of violence towards women and childrenin the DRC and the difficulty of overcoming the past war.

After hearing she will be transferred to Kisangani, Colonel HONORINE, a veteran Congolese police officer in the Department for the Protection of Women and Children says goodbye to the women in South Kivu, Congo. The village women complain about the decision to transfer her, desperately asking, “Who is going to arrest rapists, protect abused and battered wives, and save children while she is gone?” In this small village in Congo where women are not free from the burden of family support and childcare, the only person who can protect women against violence is Colonel HONORINE, more commonly known as “Mama Colonel.”
Kisangani, to which Colonel HONORINE is transferred, is where the Six-Day War took place between Ugandan and Rwandan forces about 15 years ago. There are thousands of victims of wartime sexual abuse while children are being accused of witchcraft and severely beaten by community members. Colonel HONORINE carries out a campaign in every corner of the village, trying to raise awareness about the protection of women and children. She even builds a shelter for victims of wartime sexual violence and children made scapegoats in superstitious rituals so that she could promote self-reliance of victims through education and provide a family for orphans. Furthermore, she offers food and shelter to children and directly gets involved in raising them. In a country where people believe in superstitions, where the irresponsible government does not properly function, and where poverty is the common problem, Colonel HONORINE becomes the only legal help that women and children can rely on. (Sunah KIM)



Dieudo HAMADI was born in Democratic Republic of the Congo in1984 and studied Medicine in 2005. He then attended several documentary workshops. He is an author of two short documentaries Ladies in Waiting and Zero Tolerance that caught the attention of several festivals in Europe and Canada. In 2013, with Atalaku, his first feature documentary about the 2011 election campaign in his country, he won the JorisIvensaward for best first film,Best Foreign Film at the San Diego Black Film Festival (USA), the Jury Prizeat FIDADOC and 3 other awards. In 2014, National Diplomais selected at TIFF and nearly 60 festivals worldwide.


Director Dieudo HAMADI
Producer Christian LELONG, Kiripi Katembo SIKU
Cast Colonel Honorine MUNYOLE
Screenwriter Dieudo HAMADI
Cinematography Dieudo HAMADI
Sound François Tariq SARDI, Dieudo HAMADI
Editor Anne RENARDET


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