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The Truth Beneath

Director LEE Kyoung-mi
Country Korea Year 2016
Format DCP Running Time 103'
Genre Fiction Color color
Rating 18세이상관람가


Code Theater Date & Time Info Rating / Subtitle
099 Megabox Sinchon 7 2017-06-06 20:00 18세이상관람가 한국어대사+영어자막


Jong-chan is a dynamic young conservative politicianwho is leading polls for an upcoming election. His wife Yeon-hong is busy helping him behind the scenes, but 15 days before the election, their daughter Min-jin disappears. Although it’s not the first time she has run off, Yeon-hong is taken aback, and becomes increasingly desperate as the days pass and her daughter doesn’t appear. Meanwhile tension rises between the couple as the police fail to come up with any clues and Jong-chan continues to devote himself to the campaign. Then Yeon-hong begins to discover that many of the things her daughter told her about her school life and friends were all lies. She uncovers darker secrets that threaten to tear her life apart.

Jong-chan (KIM Joo-hyuk) is an anchor-turned-politician running for the 21st General Election. He competes for public attention against NO Jae-sun (KIM Eui-sung), a lawmaker from a rival party. Yeon-hong (SON Ye-jin) is married to Jong-chan and enthusiastic to help her husband’s election campaign in a city in Gyeongsangbuk-do. On the first day of Jong-chan’s campaign after a series of negative political ads about him appear on his political opponent’s website, their 16-year-old daughter Min-jin suddenly goes missing. As Jong-chan decides not to notify the authorities fearing negative publicity, Yeon-hong takes matters into her own hands. In her frantic search for Min-jin who is later found dead, she figures out who killed her daughter, realizes what her daughter’s life was like at school, and uncovers some terrible secrets about her husband.
The Truth Beneath is a complex and multifaceted film that depicts the ugly side of truth by featuring two murders and one revenge. Questioning the suspects and their accomplices, Yeon-hong gets closer to the barefaced truth about rotten politicians involved in instigating nepotism and regionalism, colluding in deception, and even ordering murders. Yeon-hong, who has been feeling left out even by the supporters of her husband for she is from Jeolla-do, starts to understand Min-jin and her partner Mi-ok who used to be subjected to bullying at school. Three women, So-ra, Mi-ok, and Yeon-hong holding grudges against Jong-chan, take revenge on him in their own ways. Yeon-hong eventually sides with her daughter instead of her husband who achieves political success at the cost of his daughter’s life. After finishing her business with Jong-chan, Yeon-hong holds Mi-ok tight in her arms in a fantasyland called “Wild Rose Hill.” Is this Wild Rose Hill a land of dreamers like the one in a fairy tale or Valhalla, the afterlife hall of the fallen women warriors Valkyries who have disobeyed Odin’s order? (Sunah KIM)


LEE Kyoung-mi

Director LEE Kyoung-mi majored in Russian at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies before entering the film directing program at the Korea National University of Arts. Among those who were impressed by her talent was Director PARK Chan-wook, who offered to produce her debut feature Crush & Blush. The film immediately established LEE as one of the most distinctive new directors to emerge in recent years. She says of her second feature The Truth Beneath, “In contrast to the character-focused approach of Crush & Blush, in this film I focused on creating tension through the unraveling of the incidents in the plot.”


Director 이경미 LEE Kyoung-mi
Producer 이미영 LEE Mi-young, 김윤호 KIM Yoon-ho
Cast 손예진 SON Ye-jin, 김주혁 KIM Joo-hyuck
Screenwriter 이경미 LEE Kyoung-mi, 박찬욱 PARK Chan-wook
Cinematography 주성림 JU Sung-lim
Production Designer 홍주희 HONG Ju-hee
Sound 조민호 JO Min-ho
Editor 박곡지 PARK Gok-ji
Music 장영규 JANG Young-gyu


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