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The World of Us

Director YOON Ga-eun
Country Korea Year 2015
Format DCP Running Time 95'
Genre Fiction Color color
Rating 전체관람가


Code Theater Date & Time Info Rating / Subtitle
086 Megabox Sinchon COMFORT 4 2017-06-06 12:00 전체관람가 한국어대사+영어자막


On the first day of summer vacation, Sun, an outcast at school meets Jia who is new in town. They become best friends ever, sharing their secrets and spending the most beautiful summer together. But when the new school year begins, Sun notices a strange vibe around Jia. Trying to get along with Bora and other cool kids who always leave Sun out on purpose, Jia starts to distance herself from Sun. In the meantime, Sun does not want to be a lonely kid again. Desperate and upset without being able to restore her friendship with Jia, Sun reveals Jia’s deepest secret. Are there any chances for Sun and Jiato become “best friends” again?

Sun is a fourth grade student whose parents run a small snack bar while her grandfather is hospitalized. Her family consists of her mother who always keeps track of a limited household budget, her father who finds drinking a stress release, and her little brother she has to take care of. Despite all the difficulties, Sun is growing up with a caring family. Meanwhile, on the first day of summer vacation, a new kid named Ji-a, who lives with her grandmother after her parents get divorced, transfers into Sun’s class. They become best friends ever but not long after, Ji-a becomes jealous of Sun who is close to her mother and starts to distance herself from Sun. Ji-a even joins Bo-ra and other kids in leaving out Sun on purpose. However, Ji-a also becomes subjected to bullying. Just then, Sun reaches out to Ji-a.
The film explores the world of children by moving back and forth between places including schoolyard, classroom, stationery shop, and a friend’s home. This film seems realistic because it succeeds in effectively connecting the social spaces occupied by children with the feelings shared. It also shows how the world of kids is the extension of the world of adults where people can be excluded because of their class and family backgrounds. An imaginary line between Ji-a and Sun divides the world into two: that of a rich kid in a divorced family and that of a poor kid in a caring family. Will they be able to cross this line and eventually reconcile with each other? The first and last scenes of the film would be a great example of antithesis. In the first scene where a group of children are playing dodge ball, some kids insist Sun be out because she has stepped on the line. Meanwhile, in the last scene again, both Sun and Ji-a are forced to be out. What is different this time is Sun sides with Ji-a. Then, these two make eye contact, which can be read as an allegory about the solidarity among victims, minorities, and the oppressed that are excluded from the dominant society. (Sunah KIM)


YOON Ga-eun

Through the stories of these children and their world, director YOON Ga-eun depicts with honest-to-goodness and depth the problems that grownups might have forgotten or easily neglected. Her special talents are recognized in the filmindustry, with her short film Guest winning the grand prix by the 34th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and the film Sprout for being awarded the Crystal Bear for the Generation section of Berlin International Film Festival. Her debuting feature-length film The World of Us was once again invited to the Berlin International Film Festival. Her beautiful directing and production, as shown by the film’s ability to wholeheartedly capture the children’s delicate emotionality, their peach fuzz hair, and their every breath, is what makes her one of filmmakers that the Korean cinematic world should watch out for.


Director 윤가은 YOON Ga-eun
Producer 김순모 KIM Soon-mo
Cast 최수인 CHOI Soo-in, 설혜인 SEOL Hye-in, 이서연 LEE Seo-yeon
Screenwriter 윤가은 YOON Ga-eun
Cinematography 민준원 MIN Jun-won, 김지현 KIM Ji-hyun
Production Designer 안지혜 AN Ji-hye
Sound 고아영 GO A-young
Editor 박세영 PARK Se-young
Music 연리목 YON Ri-mog


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