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Mexico Recyclers

Director Nikki SCHUSTER
Country Austria, Germany, Mexico Year 2016
Format DCP Running Time 7'
Genre Animation Color color
Rating 전체관람가


Code Theater Date & Time Info Rating / Subtitle
061 Megabox Sinchon 2 2017-06-05 13:00 12세이상관람가 대사없음
103 Megabox Sinchon COMFORT 4 2017-06-07 16:00 12세이상관람가 대사없음


Korean Premiere

Mexico - mariachis, marimbas and vivid skeletons. In the urban hideouts of this city little creatures come to life. These are digitally composed with collected waste from the streets and typical local products. The clatter of the limbs of these creatures interacts with the soundscapes of Mexico City.

The protagonists of this animated film are the wastes from every corner of Mexico City that come to life with soulful swag. Thanks to the photo roman and computer graphics used in this film merrily experimenting with Mexican music and sound effects, you may feel as if you knew everything about Mexican witchcraft, culture, way of life, and even Mexican people’s deepest secrets even if you have never met a Mexican before. (SIM Hye-kyung)



Animation film artist and sound designer Nikki SCHUSTER, born in Austria in 1974, lives and works in Berlin. In 2001 she founded her animation label “Fiesfilm”. Her animation films are shown at international film festivals and in exhibitions and have won awards. Beside her experimental film productions Nikki SCHUSTER animates for stage-set design, television and installations and gives workshops. In 2010 she was as artist-in-residence in Paris and in Buenos Aires, in 2012 in Taipei, in 2014 in Cochabamba, Bolivia and in 2016 in Mexico City.


Director Nikki SCHUSTER


Nikki SCHUSTER / 49 1774304855, 52 15562245408 / nikkischuster@fiesfilm.com / www.fiesfilm.com