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The Woman in Purple

Director Aleksandra KARDALEVSKA, Onur OZCAN
Country Turkey, Macedonia Year 2017
Format DCP Running Time 20'
Genre Fiction Color color
Rating 전체관람가


Code Theater Date & Time Info Rating / Subtitle
061 Megabox Sinchon 2 2017-06-05 13:00 12세이상관람가 비영어대사+영어자막
103 Megabox Sinchon COMFORT 4 2017-06-07 16:00 12세이상관람가 비영어대사+영어자막


World Premiere

In 2016, Algin and her crew begin the shooting of a documentary called The Women in Purple that investigates the rapid increase of violence against women in Turkey, where more than two women lose their lives every day. Hunting a story of a victim of domestic violence, the members of the crew become victims themselves, hunted within the story, leaving only their footage behind.

In this film, ‘purple’ signifies both the hope of the ‘feminist’ film crew shooting The Women in Purple and the traces of the ‘bruised woman’ who testifies how she has been exposed to indiscriminate violence. The last footage taken by the documentary crew trying to reveal the damage done by the violence against women turns out to be almost like a thriller that shows how women live with insecurity in contemporary Turkish society. (SIM Hye-kyung)



Aleksandra KARDALEVSKA is currently working as a theater director for the national Theater Komedija, Skopje. She is PhD candidate within the Department of Radio, Television and Film at Istanbul University. Besides her experience as a theater director, she has also worked as an assistant director for several films including Milcho Manchevski's film Shadows.


Onur OZCAN, Born and raised in Istanbul, he took performing arts classes in his early childhood. While attending YTU, he received a degree in Art & Design. Additionally, throughout his career, he joined dramatic arts and creative writing programs in Athens, London and Berlin, and took Robert McKee's “Story” class. Currently his work includes working as a screenwriter since 2010.


Ade Due Damballa & Quasar Film / 389 72670242 / kardalevska7@gmail.com