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Opening Film

When did we learn to 쁟ompete? Since when have we adopted an idea called 쁲truggle for existence셷hich compares ourselves to the others and beats them in order to survive. Stella, an elementary school student, sees her big sister as her role model, Katja. Katja, a figure skater, has a secret she cannot tell anyone, even her parents or her coach. She has an eating disorder called 쁝norexia셷hich makes her refuse to eat or throw up. She has become anorexic to maintain her slim figure as a figure skater and it셲 all because she셲 eager to excel in everything she pursues. As she promised not to tell anyone about her sister셲 secret, Stella makes every effort in her own way to help her sister.

Just like most of women셲 movies, there are no villains in My Skinny Sister. The film denounces a negative effect of 쁟ompetition on younger generation and portrays the world of young girls in a kind, profound and affectionate perspective. This seemingly small world of the little girl serves as a metonymy telling that human beings in this world have survived not from competition but from mutual support and care. This is what makes this movie so powerful.

My Skinny Sister won the Crystal Bear award as well as the International Jury Special Mention in the Generation kplus section at the Berlinale in 2015 and also received Nordic Film: Dragon Award Audience Choice at the Goteborg International Film Festival in Sweden. This Swedish Little Miss Sunshine is one of the films you cannot miss this year.

KIM Sun-ah / Chief Programmer
SEOUL International Women셲 Film Festival

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