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Director Alice DOUARD
Country Frence Year 2013
Format DCP Running Time 36'
Genre Fiction Color color
Code Theater Date & Time GV/TT Rating Ticketing
109 Megabox Sinchon 3 2015-06-02 13:00 15꽭씠긽愿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留
139 Art House Momo 1 2015-06-03 20:30 15꽭씠긽愿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留


Korean Premiere

2014 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival - Jury Prize Special Mention
2014 Bilao International LGBT Film Festival - Youth Award

The title of the film, Extrasystole is a medical term indicating a premature heart contraction that abnormally interrupts the heartbeat and makes the heart beat a little faster than usual. What would be the effect of having a medical term as a film title?

Program Note
"Extrasystole" is a medical term that describes a premature heart contraction, which is independent of the normal rhythm of the heart, which arises in response to a deviant impulse, but it is also a perfect term to describe the state of the main character. Raphaelle becomes interested in the beautiful and chic modern literature teacher and her teaching methods. When the teacher visits Raphaelle's house to listen to her composition homework, Raphaelle feels her heart throb. In her class where she learns to develop an artistic ego, has Raphaelle discovered another ego? [Jenna KU]



Born in Bordeaux in 1985, Alice DOUARD focuses on contemporary art and music. She studied art history before going to Paris where she studied film. She was admitted to the film directing program of La Femis. Extrasystole is her graduation film.


Director Alice DOUARD
Producer Charles PHILIPPE
Cast Mathilde POYMIRO, Laetitia DOSCH, Clair BARRAULT
Screenwriter Alice DOUARD
Cinematography Joanne DELACHAIR
Production Designer Jeanne DELECROIX
Sound Jean-Charles BASTION
Music Jaycee