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Screening by Date Screening by Theater Venues Ticketing  

Screening by Date

  • The admission ticket is available for purchase until 15 minutes after the screening starts.(Please be aware of crowdedness at the box office 30 minutes
    prior to the screening.)
  • All audience members must have tickets to enter and watch the screenings
  • The admission ticket is issued only once and cannot be reimbursed for any loss or damages.
  • For the screenings sold out via internet ticketing system, on-site ticket purchase will be avaliable at the box office on the day of screening on
    a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The 17th SEOUL International Women셲 Film Festival will adhere to the principle of screening on time. Therefore entrance will be limited 20 minutes
    passed after the screening starts, so please enter before the starting time.
  • Please do not bring food into the theater for better screening environment.
  • Any kind of recording with cell phones or cameras will be strictly prohibited.
  • All the screenings will be guided with each film each film's rating.(Children under 7 are not allowed in the screening. Teenagers under 18 years of age
    are not permitted to 'under 18 not admitted'' films even with admission tickets.

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Non-English Dialogue+No English Subtitles

Korean Dialogue+English Subtitles

Korean Dialogue+No English Subtitles

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English Dialogue


Under 12 not admitted

Under 15 not admitted

Under 18 not admitted

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Theater Time Code Title info Ticketing
Megabox Sinchon M 18:00 001 Opening Ceremony / Opening Film: My Skinny Sister
My Skinny Sister
쟾泥닿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留 쁺뼱궗
Megabox Sinchon 3 14:00 002 I셫 a fucking Panther 12꽭씠긽愿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留
17:00 003 Unexpected 15꽭씠긽愿엺媛 쁺뼱궗
20:00 004 Girlhood 12꽭씠긽愿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留
Megabox Sinchon 5 14:00 005 Crazy Bitches 15꽭씠긽愿엺媛 쁺뼱궗
17:00 006 Hallahalla 15꽭씠긽愿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留
20:00 007 The Trouble with Angels 쟾泥닿엺媛 쁺뼱궗
Megabox Sinchon 7 14:00 008 Purple Skies 12꽭씠긽愿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留 쁺뼱궗
17:00 009 Belleville Baby / Embryo 15꽭씠긽愿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留
20:00 010 B for Boy 15꽭씠긽愿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留
Art House Momo 1 14:00 011 Viktoria 15꽭씠긽愿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留
17:00 012 Heart of Snow, Heart of Blood 쟾泥닿엺媛 鍮꾩쁺뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留 븳援뼱궗+쁺뼱옄留
20:00 013 Never Fear (a.k.a.The Young Lovers) 12꽭씠긽愿엺媛 쁺뼱궗