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Programs  ( Total 119 )

New Currents (20) Film List >

This is a section that introduces films through which international trend in women셲 films can be seen at a glance. By spotlighting outstanding women셲 films made in the past 1~2 years, it verifies the current trend and hints at the future of women셲 films. Diverse films such as feature films, documentaries, short films as well as experimental films welcome the audience once again this year.

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Asian Spectrum: Japanese Cinema 1955x20121 Eternal Breast (16) Film List >

In the Asian Spectrum of the 14th IWFFIS, 16 Japanese films directed by old and new Japanese woman directors ranging from the oldest ones available at this moment to the current ones will be presented. This section is looking forward to building a connection between these films and the contemporary Korean audience and to raising the issues, such as the relationships between women and the nation, women in and out-of the public sphere, reconstitution of intimacy, and the life after the catastrophic event of the tsunami.

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Polemics: Action! An Organizing Hope (6) Film List >

쁏olemics is a section that selects imminent issues, screens many films on the issues, and arranges opportunities to discuss such issues. This year셲 쁏olemics셲ection covers more than the existing feministic agenda; and attempts to analyze civilization from a feministic perspective and at the same time to spotlight the aggressive 쁝ction that attempts to 쁮rganize hope in this period of catastrophe.

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Mexican Women (8) Film List >

The representative Mexican women's films that have recently been gaining notice in the international arena will be introduced. The audience will encounter not only a film made by a representative female director of mexico, Maria NOVARO but also feature-length films, short drama films and a powerful documentary that show the unique situation that Mexico is placed in due to its location which borders North and South Americas, all of which are made by new, young, female directors.

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East Asian Cinema Retrospective: A List Women in B Movies (6) Film List >

In this section, genre films, featuring action heroines from Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan during the 1960s and 1970s, will be screened. These female action films will offer an incredibly refreshing and enjoyable experience for those interested in the representation of women in East Asian genre films during that time.

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Queer Rainbow: From Nowhere to Everywhere (10) Film List >

The audience will encounter diverse subject matters from many more nations through this year셲 쁐ueer Rainbow. The works from France and North America, western societies where announcing 쏧셫 Gay! seems to have lost its political effectiveness, explicate on the diverse conflicts encountered by homosexuality based on status, religion and community. On the other hand, the queer films from South Africa, Japan and India shed light on the current state of homosexuality in societies in which discussion on homosexuality is almost non-existent.

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Open Cinema (4) Film List >

Open to films by contemporary male directors which take women and gender issues in considerate and thoughtful way. In the 14th film festival, we will meet women who stay independent under all circumstances and who try to live their life to the fullest such as a woman living as a man, a young mom who entered the parenting war, a female political leader, and a girl overcoming the traumatic past.

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Asian Short Film and Video Competition (17) Film List >

The only competition section of IWFFIS which awards the USD 17,000 prizes in total and the Mary Kay Award to winners. This year, valuable 17 films among 344 entries from 22 countries have been selected to be in the competition for Awards.

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Documentary Ock Rang Award (1) Film List >

쁃ocumentary Ock Rang Award, a program that supports the production of women셲 documentaries, will screen last year셲 winning project directed by LEE Suk-gyung, Wandering Stars , as a world premiere.

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Multi-Culture Video Making: Slow Slow Quick Quick (22) Film List >

This is a section for films made by amateur film makers living in a much more culturally, racially and socially diversified Seoul of today. Films made by participants of 2011 쏮ulti-culture Video Making Academy, IWFFIS셲 media education programs for migrant women, and short films made by teenagers with various backgrounds such as North Korean defectors and immigrants will be screened.

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A New Perspective on the Intimacy and the Relationship - Family and Community (8) Film List >

The types of families have transformed along with the rapid social changes. Films that raise issues regarding community and formation of relationship, which is based on caring for one another and intimacy, and films that examine the families of the past as well as the diverse contemporary prototypes of family in relation to multicultural marriage, low birth rate and single life will be screened.

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Opening Film (1) Film List >

The 14th International Women셲 Film Festival in Seoul, which selected 쁓pring: Organizing Hope as the keyword, will introduce director Paula MARKOVITCH셲 The Prize, which keenly observes the apprehensive mood of the time, as the opening film. 쁎rganizing Hope will paradoxically blossom when we objectively look into the moments of catastrophe.

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