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Asian Spectrum: Japanese Cinema 1955x20121 Eternal Breast

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Ten Days Before Spring

Director Stefanie KOLK Country The Netherlands Year 2012
Format Blu-ray Running Time 11' Genre Drama
color color


Synopsis A young Japanese woman who lives in Amsterdam tries to reach her mother in Japan during the great earthquake in eatern Japan on March 11th. [*Momo Matsuri Presents Suki 2012]

Program Note In 쁔he Shorts!, the works from 쁌omo Matsuri, a group of young Japanese female directors who produce/screen films, and A Day in Babylon, recommended by 쁌omo Matsuri, will be screened. 쁌omo Matsuri, which was founded in 2006 by graduates of The Film School of Tokyo and Tokyo University of the Arts and which is in its 5th year,has gradually been expanding its boundaries to include each region of Japan and foreign female directors who work with Japanese themes. Each year, a new title is given to its festival. The works that will be introduced during this year셲 International Women's Film Festival in Seoul are works that were screened during 쏮omo Matsuri Presents Kiss! 2009 and 쏮omo Matsuri Presents Suki 2012. A Day in Babylon is a film distributed by 쁕NIJAPAN, which is devoted to fostering international exchange of Japanese cineastes and vitalizing global distribution of Japanese films. (HWANG Miyojo)


Stefanie KOLK


Director Stefanie KOLK
Producer Stefanie KOLK
Cast YAMADA Misaki
Screenwriter Stefanie KOLK
Cinematography Hayo Van GEMERT
Sound Peter STOEL
Editor Leonie HOEVER
Music Robbie JUDKINS


Stefanie KOLK
Lijndenstraat 38-2
Tel 31 6 1334 2985
Email stefaniekolk@gmail.com