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Screening by Date Screening by Theater Venues Ticketing  


Types of Admission Tickets

Type Price Note
Opening Ceremony 13,000won Megabox Sinchon M
Closing Ceremony Megabox Sinchon 3
General Screening 6,000won Megabox Sinchon 3,5,7
Arthouse MOMO 1

Screening Venues

Venue Period Screening
Megabox Sinchon M May 27(Wed) Opening Ceremony
Megabox Sinchon 3 June 3(Wed) Closing Ceremony
Megabox Sinchon 3.5.7
Arthouse MOMO 1
May 27(Wed) ~ June 3(Wed) General Screening

Foreigners Reservation

We are sorry;Internet ticket sales are currently unavailable to foreigners. Our sincere apologizes for the inconvenience, please purchase tickets either through E-mail reservation or by visiting the Box Office on the day of the film screening.

ReservationPeriod May 13 (Wed) ~ May 20 (Wed)
How to Reserve - Please download the Booking Form from Our Website(www.wffis.or.kr) and filled up the form with the movie title,
  code number, screening date, information of theater and your information(name, contact number), and send an e-mail.
- Send the booking form by e-mail, We send the confirm e-mail to you. Please check the e-mail one more time.
- E-mail address : ticket@siwff.or.kr
Payment Cash (Korean won), Credit Cards (Gift card or any other payment methods is invalid.)
How to Receive - Admission tickets will be made available at the Box Office after checking personal information.
  Please take your booking form.
- It will be made available to take tickets until 30 minutes prior to the film screening.
- If you don't pay the tickets which you've booked by e-mail, the booking is automatically cancelled.

You cannot book Opening/Closing film through this method. Only Closing tickets can be bought on the day of the screening at the box office on first-come-first-served basis.

Box Office

Venue Megabox Sinchon / Arthouse MOMO
Period 2015 May 27 (Wed) ~ June 3 (Wed)
Hours May 27 (Wed) 12:00 ~ 20:15 * Opening Ceremony
May 28(Thu)
June 2(The)
09:30 ~ 15 minutes passed after the last screening starts
June 3(Wed) 11:00 ~ 21:15 * Closing Ceremony
Method Tickets are purchased in advance or on the day during the festival.(until 15 minutes afterthe screening starts)
Payment Cash(Korean won), Credit Cards, ID Card, Invitation Ticket.(Gift card or any other payment methods is invalid.)

Cancellations & Refunds

Type Foreigners Reservation Box Office
Period 2015 May 15 (Thu) ~ May 22 (Thu) Until 1 hour prior to the film screening starts
Cancel Fee No fee - Until 24:00 the day before screening : No fee
- During the day of screening : 1,000 won per ticket

Cancellations for the purpose of changing films or seats are also subject to cancellation fees

For the multiple advanced ticket purchase via internet or box office, no partial cancellation can be made.
(The whole tickets should be purchased again after they cancelled at once.)

You can get a refund at the box office during any day of the festival if the screening is cancelled or rescheduled due to program changes.

Ticket share available: on-line and off-line ticket share centers for voluntary ticket trading are available for ticket-holders who are unable to get cancellations or refunds on the day of the screening.


  • The admission ticket is available for purchase until 15minutes after the screening starts. (Please be aware of crowdedness at the box office 30 minutes prior to the screening.)
  • All audience members must have tickets to enter and watch the screenings
  • The admission ticket is issued only once and cannot be reimbursed for any loss or damages.
  • For the screenings sold out via internet ticketing system, on-site ticket purchase will be available at the box office on the day of screening on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The 17th SEOUL International Women셲 Film Festival will adhere to the principle of screening on time. Therefore entrance will be limited 20 minutes passed after the screening starts, so please enter before the starting time.
  • Please do not bring food into the theater for better screening environment.
  • Any kind of recording with cell phones or cameras will be strictly prohibited.
  • All the screenings will be guided with each film each film셲 rating.(Children under 7 are not allowed in the screening.Teenagers under 18 years of age are not permitted to 쁴nder 18 not admitted films even with admission tickets.)